Adopt a car
Art Direction
AV Avto Miami

AV Avto is a young automotive marketplace that creates meaningful
connections with buyers. Launched in 2015 in Miami, the company empowers
consumers with resourcesand information to make buying decisions as
advisedly as if their clients were welcoming a car as a new family member.

We were tasked with creating the campaign and a key art for AV Avto,promoting the main
values of the company. We came up with an idea to create campaign heroes:
Smarty and Toby – two used cars with bright personalities who are currently looking for new homes.
These "adoptable friends" posters were plastered around the streets of Miami
and were used by the client in social media and as well as in all the printed marketing materials.

poster  key-art  auto  creative

© 2020

Valerie Hamrekelidze

Los Angeles