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Photography, Art Direction, and Graphic Design, Social Media
Fun Police

Alexandra Hensley is a brilliant actress working in a wide variety of genres. Alexandra’s main focus is a comedy, and as a member of a sketch comedy troupe "The Fun Police", much of her acting revolves around the definition of fun in all it`s forms. Alexandra needed photos to use them on her social media channels.

My goal was to create a set of images helping Alexandra make a statement with an art.
I strived to focus more on Alexandra`s humoristic personality, though with a creative idea.

I broke down an idea into two key directions that would symbolize the life of a media person in a form of a sports game: a tennis and a baseball. An actor is an actual player with all these attacks, strikes, either positive and negative comments. The real professional deal with it easily, virtuously, and with a smile on her face.


I always try to plan each project with maximum details. Every single part of the composition should be perfect. That is why I often create all the props for my shooting sets, including clothes and accessories.

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