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Flagman Seafood
Due to market development and increased competition (main competitor TM Norven), the Ukrainian seafood producer Flagman began to lose it`s leading positions. In 2013 sales dropped to 23%. The campaign objective was to stop decline and start recovering the ground.


The main competitor has already occupied the territory of Norvegian origin of his products, so the Agency team recommended to build communication based on emotional RTB. So was born following creative idea:

We understood why we trust Flagman so strongly. The answer is simple – the company founder (father of four kids), marketing director (mother of three) and hundreds of other employees every day bring Flagman to their homes, for people they love. And we realized we have to tell Ukraine about this. Flagman is truly honest and qualitative brand managed by wonderful people.


The advertising campaign was implemented during the crisis period from October to December 2013, as a result sales have increased by 23,5%!

And we got Effie.

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