Sleep Set Project.
Creative Direction/Graphic Design/Illustration
The Music Center

The Music Center After Hours event called Sleepless stands for the exploring the weird edges of science and art as The Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is transformed into a late night happening featuring live DJ sets, dancing, largescale projections, performance art, VR experiences, workshops and more.
Past events have included everything from a backstage tour of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and dancing in the Founders Room to pillow lounge in the lobby.
Sleep Set project was created as an extension to the pillow lounge part.
Art can be subjective, but the Sleep Set by The Music Center After Hours event, is all about creating the ultimate art&sleep experience. Guests who visit the show come for a number of reasons, but what remains constant is an absolute necessity for peaceful sleep. The custom bedding set will display dot style hand-drawn, digitally developed sketches to make expand your sleep experience into the art process.

© 2020

Valerie Hamrekelidze

Los Angeles