TM Flagman
Art Direction/TVC/360
Flagman seafood

"From distant seas to own home"

TM "Flagman" is a Ukrainian brand of fish seafood.
In 2013 market share and sales of TM Flagman began to fall due to an unstable political situation in the country
and aggressive marketing campaigns from the competitors.

Despite the fact that Flagman is a Ukrainian company, it buys products from
around the world with special responsibility because it prepares them for their own children.
And while all competitors were talking about taste, Norwegian origin or traditions of cooking,
TM Flagman gave a strong emotional reason for the choice of the brand, appealing to
family values - a guarantee from the parents-experts.
And it was so indeed because all families of employees use for food products of TM Flagman.

From this the idea was sprung up: experts of Flagman choosing
the products in the world markets choose them for their children.
The idea has been realized in the campaign of 360 and also
in promotional support of red fish and sponsorship of cooking show "Master Chef".
The result of the campaign didn`t only stop a sales slowdown but also ensurean increase
in a declining market in the autumn of 2014 when a political and economical crisis already started in Ukraine.

The sales results rose above the market and significantly above the competitors.

Art Direction  TVC  360  campaign


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